22 octobre 2007

Bâtafysische Jazzavond

Op 17 oktober 2007 vond in PuntWg in Amsterdam een Bâtafysische Jazzavond plaats. Het was een vrolijke avond met inventieve, bruisende muziek. Vooral dank dus aan de musici, maar ook aan Matthijs van Boxsel die Dirk van Weelden bijstond met goede raad en bijdragen aan het gesproken en gezongen deel van het programma. Hier is te vinden de causerie die Dirk van Weelden daar uitsprak.

Eburoons Kapittel voor 'Patafysische Vorsing

zondag 26 augustus 2007

Stichtingsverslag van het Eburoons Kapittel voor 'Patafysische Vorsing

Artikel 1
Het Eburoons Kapittel voor 'Patafysische Vorsing kent drie types leden:
De Oblaten. Vergelijkbaar met lekenbroeders, het betreft externe leden, sympathisanten en verschijningsvormen die uitblinken door hun ongewild patafysich karakter.
De Ovaten. Dit betreft de voornaamste groep, volwaardige leden die de wens hebben geuit om toe te treden en voldoen aan de voorwaarden onder artikel 2.
De Ornaten. Die hebben een symbolische functie. Het kunnen mensen, dieren of abstrakte principes zijn. Vanuit 'patafysisch oogpunt verhouden ze zich tot de Ovaten zoals die zich verhouden tot de Oblaten. De Ornaten zetelen in de etherniteit, en hoeven aan niemand verantwoording af te leggen.

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12 octobre 2007

The Lochness Project Pataphysics Pages

The Lochness Project Pataphysics Pages

‘Maison de la PATAPHONIE’

Het ‘Maison de la PATAPHONIE’... voor het plezier van de oren

© CEME/Brigitte Paquet

In Dinant, de Muziekstad, geeft 'La Maison de la Pataphonie' eerst en vooral ruimte aan de vrijheid en vindingrijkheid die het voorrecht zijn van de muzikale ontdekking en schepping.

Dit is zeker een interessant idee om zowel zichzelf en de anderen te ontdekken…
- Dit is een wereld die openstaat voor allen die nieuwsgierig zijn naar nieuwe harmonieën, waar ieders gevoeligheid weg opent naar andere creaties, andere sensaties.

- Het is een uitnodiging om doorheen het universum van de klanken te reizen, om materiaal en voorwerpen met onverwachte resonanties te ontdekken, om klanksferen te scheppen en om samen te musiceren… alleen maar voor het plezier.

- Het is een belevenis, enig in België, waar men vol verwondering buiten komt, verrast door zijn eigen talenten als schepper-musicus-ontdekker-explorator.

Gefascineerd door deze muzikale reis?
Kom dan het avontuur uitdagen en laat u leiden doorheen dit magische universum waar voorwerpen klank worden.


10 octobre 2007


PATAPHONIE Le Matin Blanc LP ****rare 1978 French release on the tiny FeeriMusic label
fine 2nd and final lp from adventurous experimental (w/ touch of Canterbury) French trio***NURSE WITH WOUND list member

Before Pataphonie was unofficially “born” in 1973, the band members who were friends, played in several rock groups for the 3 previous years before that and mainly did covers. This trio consisted of Andre Viaud (guitars), Gilles Rousseau (drums and percussions) and Pierre Demouron (bass and contrabass). They then joined forces in a group without name that played a mixture of rock and jazz. Gradually they started opting for a more free-form rock. For a certain project they were joined by two other musicians; Bernard Audureau on piano and Alain Seve on saxophone. This group did this project which was inspired by contemporary compositors such as Bela Bartok, Eric Satie and Maurice Ravel and was reputed to have influenced Weather Report, Hugh Hopper and Henry Cow.
The band chose their name at random using a dictionary, going first for Mussel and then Patagonie. The sound of Patagonie attracted them and they opted for a fusion of two words – Pata from Pataphysique (unclassified) and Phonie which stands for sound, making them unclassifiable sounding. The band was to be an instrumental guitar, bass and drums trio. Their sound appeared to appeal to music critics in several journals that said in 1975 that Pataphonie “could be the great European discovery of the year”. In 1976 the Pole records label collected their past recorded tracks from 1972 to 1976 and released them under “Pataphonie”. However this mainly improvisational-based collection did not show the band member’s abilities. The band members themselves said in 1977 that "To be free in music, you must work for yourself. Freedom isn't the notes recitation, but the feeling that you put into. You must work on the sound as a clay model. We think that we play an innovator music with his defaults. We can be wrong commercially, but musically, we're right. Music is not synonymous of success at all". It is only in 1978 that the band can allow itself financially to record in a studio. It is in July 1978 that they record their phenomenal album “Le Matin Blanc” (The White Morning). The album is instrumental, experimental, inspired by free-jazz and traces of contemporary classical composers. This release was embraced by their fans and media. Since no major label was interested in distributing this album the members decided to create their own with the purpose of distributing it themselves – Feeri Music. The album was sold by mail-order to about 1000 people. On the reissue of this album on CD there are bonus tracks. Among them is Mandoline Station which was written in April 1978 and never played live. However due to technical reasons it was not included on the original release. There are also 4 live tracks, including Memoire Baroque which is the title of the never release second album…This second album was completely composed however due to lack of interest and the shift of styles towards the “new music” the band split.
Pataphonie has been compared to Henry Cow, King Crimson, Etron Fou Leloublan and The Muffins, all have some sort of merit and still do no justice for this original sounding and groundbreaking chamber music/rock band.
Le Matin Blanc is highly recommended to fans of the genre.


Raudelunas , PATAPHYSICAL REVUE . Say Day-Bew Records 01 lp. Recorded 1975. USA Pressing. Subtitled Starring Ron Pate's Debonairs featuring Rev. Fred Lane.

recording features Davey Williams , LaDonna Smith , Anne LeBaron , Adrian Dye and many others.

Raudelunas 'Pataphysical Revue was an improvisational musical/stage event performed in March 1975 at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. While the show itself was sparsely attended, it did launch the careers of several noteworthy musicians. Since its release, the recording of the event has created a minor cult following.

The Revue was a one-off concert in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 1975 - part of the second Raudalunas Exposition - trapped on tape by chance or no one would have believed it. A revue that remains consistently outside any genre, culture or canon of taste: from breathtaking versions of 'My kind of Town' and 'Volare' - Las Vegas style, feat. the delirious and scary Debonairs Bigband - through Anne Lebaron's score for taped frogs, oboe, voices and guitar (Davey Williams). Then there's The Captains of Industry, who play domestic appliances, the legendary Blue Denim deals without the Arms; and Neo Roman combo Nubis Oxis Quarum - with their hit 'The Chief Divisions of the Peoples of Gaul. All this is tied veeringly together by ubiquitous MC Fred Lane - master of bad taste. Performed by a large company (including LeBaron, Williams, laDonna Smith and Craig Nutt) to an audience who have to make themselves heard during rather than after the pieces. Taking no chances, the company piped in their own hysterical applause through the PA. This was and is an adamantine gem.

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