30 juillet 2008


THE APERIODIC JOURNAL OF PATAPHYSICAL SUCCULENTOSOPHY (available from Xexoxial Endarchy, 1341 Williamson, Madison, WI 53703, for 3 shoots of Expanded Monkey Breath or a decent specimen, without acoustic blastophytes, of a lygahelic plant) is badly flawed. Surely Amendant Hardiker's misconceived article on hallucinagastrology was referreed by some botantist far removed from current activities in that field--particularly Asgod Slipirick's remarkable sigroolitional trisections of the mildy bookwort that Hardiker describes so inaccurately as alphanoxious rather than alphaconstiptual! Or perhaps the journal is now accepting unrefereed articles! And who was responsible for the groint photograph? Anyone knowing anything at all about T. Roosevelt's "deep-smock" technique would see at a glance that it was a fake. Wake up, Pechulia Glim and you other editors of this blot on serious science!

The Aperiodic Journal of ’Pataphysical Succulentosophy.
40pp–half letter–xerox. $3: A sort of spoof on botanical science culture, “…succulentosophy would be the wisdom & knowledge attributable to succulent plant culture…”. News flashes on new species, such as Euphorbia Pneumonoruga, fastbreaking subdisciplines, like accoustomesmbology, diagrams, defi nitions, treatises.

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