18 juillet 2010

Dirk Polak

On Saturday June 19th at 17.00 the gallery RADAR Architecture & Art will start the exhibition “from engineers of yesterday, aka so far no good”, showing artwork by Dirk Polak.

Dirk Polak, singer of the cult band Mecano, makes Meccano works (paintings, objects, drawings) since 1977. At Radar Architecture and Art he will show 25 pieces.
There will be an hommage to the great and enigmatic French writer Alfred Jarry, a collection of butterflies (Lepidoptera Mechanica), an hommage to the father of the artist, who died in the box ring at the age of 54 and of course a collection related to Dirk Polak's musical activities. The artist addresses every theme using a variety of techniques, where the Meccano pieces always remain the unifying element.

The exhibition can be seen until July 17th.

Radar Gallery
Eerste Rozendwarsstraat 17hs
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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