13 juin 2011

A wealth of Batafysical research

Bound in a spiral, this is the Summer of 2011 activity book! Not in the awkward A4 paper size and printed on notepad paper as they were issued in the 1970ties, but in a convenient format to take along on a batafysical bike tour, a campaign or an expedition to the sources of the Amstel river. Nothing can go wrong this summer, whether we are forced to bivouac in Holland, during a trip to the autonomous enclave Balkonië, or we remain inside due to rain. ‘Batafysica … en wat nu?’ (Batafysica ... now what?) is written by Rien Waddenvlek OCS, and has just been published in the mythical town of Esonstad on 26 Merdre 138 by the Nederlandse Academie voor ’Patafysica – a set of definitions to be explained to the avid reader, by working his trough this book and its experiments.

We learn how to attach the strings of the mental field pumping machine with a ring "absolute the best construction," the author knows to share in this way his knowledge of the subject with the reader, and in a way that is not humorous at all, he understands what is at stake in 'Pataphysics. We now have sixty pages of "practical tip’s" and learn that it is "recommended to have sample boxes". When you lose track, on the last page you read that in case of problems, uncertainties and other inconveniences, the reader may visit a ‘toogdag’ of the Batafysica. Perhaps the author should explain the novice about the influence of the yellow wooden clogs used by cheese carriers dressed in blue jumpsuits walking on the cobblestone Market of Alkmaar, on an experiment with the mental-field pumping machine in the dunes of Bergen at Sea, but we understand that not all external influences can be catalogued.

For the novice, at p. 56-57 a packing list of necessary attributes is included, only a list of certified suppliers could be added by the author as a clarification, because how does a starting batafysician know where he must buy the 'club' as recommended? For many, it will clear only at the Hardware store Meijer at the Rozengracht in Amsterdam is the place where you can buy the necessary strings and pins. But some clarification could be given here.

Highly recommended, with ‘Batafysica … en wat nu?’ you may survive this summer!

Bastiaan D. van der Velden,
Regent Épigeenne Navigation

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