31 juillet 2007

Asperger Syndrome

Alfred Jarry : My husband and I read about the late 19th/early 20th century writer Alfred Jarry (the Ubu plays), and believe he might have had Asperger Syndrome. He adopted the exaggerated persona of one of his Classics teachers, spoke in a metallic monotone, used the royal "we" pronoun for himself, lived alone in a crawl space with a stuffed owl, mostly ate fish and not much else, etc. Also the French composer Erik Satie, an eccentric loner who went to music school in his 40s, and was very formal, described as shy, could not keep a relationship with a girlfriend, though he tried. He was well liked by colleagues, but kept his distance. Both men had bizarre senses of humor (wonderful to us). There are a few people who are suspects, but who are still alive, so I won't mention them.

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