23 juillet 2007

the Sisters of Pataphysics

Nurse With Wound "Present the Sisters of Pataphysics", 1989 (Idle Hole Records/Mirror Two). A compilation of tracks from the 1st 3 NWW lps (Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and Umbrella, To The Quiet Men From a Tiny Girl, Merzbild Schwet). Originally recorded 1978-81.

Cover design Babs Santini. Jacques Berrocal-trumpet, Nicky Rodgers-guitar solo, Herman Pathak, John Fothergill, Steven Stapleton. Tracklisting: Blank Capsules of Embroidered Cellophane, Ostranenie, Dada X, The Six Buttons of Sex Appeal, She Alone Hole and Open, Futurismo.

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