27 juillet 2007

The Laboratory of Feminist Pataphysics

The Laboratory of Feminist Pataphysics

The Laboratory of Feminist Pataphysics
Mireille Perron

Opening Reception: Friday, February 23, 2007 from 8pm

Performative recruiting will take place during the opening. Free Badges will be handed out.

Exhibition Dates: February 24 - March 31, 2007

Image by Mireille Perron 2007.

The Laboratory of Feminist Pataphysics is world renowned for its Emergency Mobile Units a series of social experiments that masquerade as works of art. So far, there are five mobile units in operation: Anatomy, Identity, Transgenetics, Incorporation, and Toxicology. Each mobile unit can easily be set up wherever there is an urgent need for feminist interventions. The L.F.P. doubles as a recruiting centre. Everyone is welcome to become a feminist pataphysicienne.

Pataphysics : At the beginning of the 20th century, Alfred Jarry invented and described the indiscipline of pataphysics as the science of imaginary solutions. Like its companion real physics pataphysics remains a predominantly male domain. To remedy this evident lack, Feminist pataphysiciennes like to think of their work as the reinvention of gendered science through fictive narratives. Jarry’s most known character is Père Ubu, who became the subject of many theatre plays.

Mireille Perron was born in Montréal, Québec. Since 1982, her installations have appeared in solo and group exhibitions in Canada, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and Italy. Her work explores the connections between gender, culture, visual arts, science and medicine. She has also written and published critical essays on a variety of subjects related to representation. Recent examples of the range of her work includes, Les Belles Ratoureuses/The Beautiful Pranksters, curated by Christine Sowiak Nickle Arts Museum, 2000, an installation at the crossroads of medical, sensual and a critical imagery and an essay titled Feminists, Colporteu(r)ses and Pataphysicien(n)es published in the anthology Culture of Community, edited by Vera Lemecha, MAWA, 2004.

Mireille Perron lives and works in Calgary, Alberta where she teaches at the Alberta College of Art and Design.

The New Gallery
Eau Claire Market
200 Barclay Parade SW
Calgary, AB T2P 4R5

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