03 avril 2007

bata canal

The Bata canal is a historical waterway, built in 1930-ties to increase the ground water level, and to enable the irrigation and navigation. It is 50 km long and makes a link between Otrokovice and Rohatec. The construction consists of movable weirs with telescopic boards and irrigation flaps, locks, irrigation and drainage canal system dispersed in the landscape. It is partly identical with the Moravia´s channel and partly it uses a new dig artificial channel. The channel passes by the river from Spytihnev down to Stare Mesto. It leaves the river behind in Veseli nad Moravou again, meeting it in a unique way outside Vnorovy and continuing down to Rohatec.

At present, 43 kms of the original Canal are opened, with 17 kms of joined river routes. Thus, there is a water link between Otrokovice and Straznice counting 10 locks.

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